Here are selected clips of published articles and essays:


Recital Envy: At my daughters’ concerts and school performances, I see all the happy grandparents, snapping photos and bearing flowers. That’s when I feel my own mother’s loss most acutely. Modern Loss

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How green is my baby? Being an eco-friendly parents takes more time, effort and money Chicago Tribune

Salma Hayek to new moms: Give yourselves a break Chicago Tribune

Parent to Parent: Pssst! Don’t tell the kids, but some YouTube videos can teach them something  Chicago Tribune

Hip-hop gives hope for speech Chicago Tribune

Parent to parent: Diabetes doesn’t slow them down Chicago Tribune



Kelly chronicled her journey to adoption in the Chicago Tribune from 2005-2007:



Olympics take on added meaning for adoptive families Chicago Tribune

Jonas Brothers, baby brother are big news in Kathy Hart’s house Chicago Tribune

Adoptive parents who breast-fed: Moms able to form a close, natural bond Chicago Tribune

By tricking the body, adoptive moms can breast-feed too Chicago Tribune

Grants ease adoption costs Chicago Tribune

Family keeps an open heart with daughter’s birth mom Chicago Tribune

One call changed deejay’s life Chicago Tribune

‘Hearty Boys’ chefs raising a picky eater Chicago Tribune

Parent to parent: Two different stories, one happy ending Chicago Tribune

TV host upstaged by two toddlers Chicago Tribune

Film follows family back to China Chicago Tribune