Kelly will perform “Hard-Core CORN” at the 2019 FRIGID NY Festival at Under St. Marks the following dates/times:

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019:  10:30pm
Saturday, Feb 23: 2:10pm
Sunday, March 3: 5:10pm
Wednesday, March 6: 8:50pm
Friday, March 8: 8:50pm
Saturday, March 9: 12:30pm

Buy tickets here.

FB page: Hard-Core CORN

Kelly performed “Hard-Core CORN” at the 2018 Minnesota Fringe Festival, 2017 Chicago Fringe Festival, where she sold out her venue. Kelly performed a shorter version of “Hard-Core Corn” at the 2014 Chicago Women’s Funny Festival at Stage 773.

About Hard-Core CORN:

Kelly is an uncontrollable addict. Her popcorn-jonesing world get flipped upside down after her nutritionist uncovers a hidden corn intolerance. She must navigate a maze of maize–through hilarious newscasts, cooking shows and personal confessions–in a world turned against her: where everything from food, to medicine, to beauty products has become part of a global food conspiracy that goes way beyond the movie theater. “Hard-Core Corn” is written and performed by Kelly Haramis. Directed by David Knoell.

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