Kelly’s “Double Happiness” performances include Chicago,  Highland Park, IL, FRIGID New York Festival in New York City,  The St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, and The Orlando International Fringe  Theatre Festival. Here’s what audiences are saying:

“She’s an enthusiastic, articulate performer and her tale, with its double-happy ending, is inspiring.” –– Pat Donnelly, Montreal Gazette

“Under no circumstance should you miss this dynamo’s dazzling, perfectly paced and passionate performance!” –– William O’Connell, Chicago, IL

“The show was absolutely enthralling. I really enjoyed every moment of it – start to finish. You are both a very good writer and a wonderful actress! I look forward to seeing more of you on the stage and off! Brava!” ––Shamika Godley, Baltimore, MD

“Great show––at turns funny and poignant, Double Happiness is a great example of how we make art from life.” ––Carlos Hernandez, New York, NY

“Great show … one I highly recommended. To anyone else reading this: if you’re one that’s only thinking about going to see it, go see it!” ––Rob Strangman, Orlando, FL

“Excellent! Double Happiness is a a genuinely entertaining to friends and strangers alike, highly professional, funny, well-polished, and universally appealing. Definitely a must-see!––Scott Harris, New York, NY

“You were great. I loved it!! You are very talented. The show was funny, sad and heartwarming.” ––Chris Kolcz, Elk Grove Village, IL

“Loved the show! It made me laugh, cry and think differently about happiness.” ––Diana Sen, New York, NY

“YOUR SHOW WAS TFinal FRIGID_poster_3HE BEST EVER!!!!!” –– Frank Gagnier, Deland, FL

“Your performance was entertaining, touching, and funny too.  I really liked what you said about the red thread and how it is tied to those who will be in our life, it was really interesting.” ––April Payne, Highland Park, IL

“Don’t miss it! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most of all, you will enjoy! Bravo!” ––Maria A. Karamitsos, Chicago, IL

“I thought the story telling was compelling and very natural.” –– Amelia Kohm, Chicago, IL

“I laughed…I cried…So beautifully done!” ––Jennifer Stone, Glencoe, IL

“I couldn’t stop laughing and crying throughout your beautiful show!  –– Vicki Inzitari, Bayonne, NJ

 “What a touching and funny show!” ––Jonny Nelson, Chicago, IL

“Wonderful story, I loved the range of emotions I felt throughout the play. Your performance seemed natural and effortless…I can’t wait to experience it again!” ––Janice Marable, Baltimore, MD

“Wonderful show – highly recommended. We laughed and we cried. Beautiful story!” ––Paula, Highland Park, IL.

“Heartwarming and funny, Double Happiness takes you on a riveting journey. Ms. Haramis, thank goodness you took up performing again! ––Sofi, New York, NY

“Enjoyed your show immensely! More exciting projects in your future, no doubt!” –– Nicole Sumida, Chicago, IL

“I absolutely loved it. I laughed, I cried and I thought Kelly was a wonderful performer overall. ––Ellen Glazier, New York, NY

“Great show last night! You were amazing.” –– Marilyn Riefe, Glencoe, IL

“Ms. Haramis is a very talented writer and actor. Her performance established an emotional arc through laughter, a tear or more, to joy.  Very enjoyable. Go.––Ele, New York, NY

“Well written show and masterful performance!! Great show on so many levels! Thank you, Ms. Haramis, for sharing your story!!––Joe Inzitari, Bayonne, NJ

“Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!” ––Jane Turner, Glenview, IL

“Engaging and heartfelt––no better way to spend an evening. There is laughter … and tears, a rich performance!” ––Elizabeth Wonka, Oxford, NY

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